Gianni Motti

Talking Heads

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Gianni Motti, artist
in conversation with Noah Stolz, critic and curator
HEAD - Genève, Boulevard James-Fazy 15, auditorium

HEAD – Genève is pleased to announce the participation of Gianni Motti in its Talking Heads series of lectures. This key, fascinating figure on the Swiss scene is here to meet HEAD students and the Geneva public in an unusual lecture. The event, designed in dialogue with the critic and curator Noah Stolz, promises to shed light on what makes this elusive, magnetic character tick.

If one term can suitably describe Gianni Motti’s work – and it is then no accident that the artist has made Geneva his home base – it is economy. First of all economy of means: for thirty years his work has been based on a set of discreet and emblematic actions. Whether inviting viewers to witness a solar eclipse rather than an exhibition as early as 1985 or, twenty years later, travelling through the twenty-seven kilometres of CERN’s LHC tunnel to challenge the speed of the particles inside the accelerator, the artist makes a series of both poetic and political movements and appearances.


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Portrait de Gianni Motti
© Gianni Motti