« Discovery Tour », Assassin's Creed Origins, Ubisoft, 2018
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September 2023 to February 2025

Leading institution: HEAD – Genève
Project leader: Anthony Masure
Project team: Anthony Masure, Thibéry Maillard, Guillaume Helleu
Financing: Fondation Gebert Rüf
Co-financing: HEAD – Genève (HES-SO)

The Play-to-Learn project aims to bring together the cultures of the humanities and social sciences (SHS) and video games (JV). It takes the form of a series of live-streamed shows on the social media platform Twitch, creating interaction with the audience via live commentary. Each episode invites a researcher (philosopher, sociologist, writer, anthropologist, etc.) to explore a JV in the company of a journalist. This unique interview device enables the guest's thinking to be confronted with the world of a game, and to examine a major theme linking gaming and SHS (e.g. the meaning of community, solitude, the virtual, the link, the body, play, war, etc.). Excerpts from the show are themed and rebroadcast on networks such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to broaden the audience.




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