HES-SO: Élections 2023
Se porter candidat·e aux élections de la HES-SO
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Les élections à la HES-SO
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HES-SO: Candidatures pour les Élections 2023

January 2023

In 2023, the HES-SO will hold general elections. The purpose of the elections is to fill the seats in the various participatory bodies, at the level of the HES-SO, the domains and certain universities. Participation offers the opportunity for those who make up the HES-SO to make their voices heard and to contribute to its development.
Applications are open until January 30, 2023!

Each member is called upon to elect representatives for the body to which he or she belongs: Students (ETU), Intermediate staff (CI), Teaching and research staff (PER) and Administrative and technical staff (PAT). The representation is at the level of the whole HES-SO as well as at the level of certain universities. For details on your possibilities of involvement (application and vote), we invite you to consult the tab my possibilities.

The participation of the actors of the HES-SO community is essential to promote the development of the institution in a way that meets the needs of all. Voting and/or running for office is an opportunity to express an opinion, to influence the agenda or to address issues that are important to you.

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