The Birth
© Carla-Marie Savaris, Lovena Vedrine, Emile Demerliac et Constance Thiessoz
Teenage Slime Attack
© Joseph Curle, Chiara Kocis, Chirine Samii et Zorana Mitrovic
© Luna Deleani, Camilla Hoffmeister et Noee Zahavy    
Toxic Milk
© Victoria Jospin, Hannah Mackaness et Adèle Guilbault

First Encounters

October 2022

Workshop under the direction of : Noam Toran
Assistant : Margaux Janin and Eloïse Vo
Students: Joseph Curle, Luna Deleani, Emile Demerliac, Adèle Guilbault, Camilla Hoffmeister, Victoria Jospin, Chiara Kocis, Hannah Mackaness, Zorana Mitrovic, Chirine Samii, Carla-Marie Savaris, Constance Thiessoz, Lovena Vedrine, Noee Zahavy  

The brief aims to expose the participants to various methods, forms of expression, and production techniques associated with alternative speculative fiction, as a means of expanding their imaginative potential and drawing them into a complex and nuanced conversation about colonialism’s defining of the other and the consequential, sustained, assault such a definition has wrought on beings, on bodies, on places, on consciousness and on imagination.

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