Course - The stool
© HEAD – Genève, Tibo Frey
33x33x44, Emma Py
© HEAD – Genève, Emma Py
Rythme, Carla Duarte
© HEAD – Genève, Carla Duarte
Massive instabilité, Valentin Racine
© HEAD – Genève, Valentin Racine
Le petit ascenseur, Vera Neuenschwander
© HEAD – Genève, Vera Neuenschwander
Koti, Margaux Glassey
© HEAD – Genève, Margaux Glassey
Charé, Débora De Almeida Borralho
© HEAD – Genève, Débora De Almeida Borralho
Equilibre, Amarine Dondey
© HEAD – Genève, Amarine Dondey
Tabouret Sculpture, Stéphanie Golaz
© HEAD – Genève, Stéphanie Golaz
Tablo, Romane Buffat
© HEAD – Genève, Romane Buffat
Floe, Elena Allier
© HEAD – Genève, Elena Allier
Squish-Squash, Jeremy Troilo
© HEAD – Genève, Jeremy Troilo

Course - The stool

March 2021

Theory and Practice of Construction led by  Irma Cilacian.

During semester 1, the course Theory and Practice of Construction explores the systems of architecture. The project of an everyday object allows the formal materialization of conceptual and constructive notions.
This is the Stool, which allows the design and creation of a base measuring 40 x 40 x 20 cm capable of supporting the weight of a person on a scale of 1:1. 


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