Thursday 19 May 2022

The MA Media Design programme presents its next Distortion Series : Possible Verse(s).
Possible Verse(s) proposes to critically and speculatively examine the “metaverse” concept in the context of a school of art and design. It will present and discuss a series of alternative virtual spaces created by artists, designers and researchers to counter dominant commercial ambitions. By doing so, this conference intends also to contextualize the idea of the metaverse through the history of technology, showing therefore that other possibilities already exist and have existed for a long time. Held online, this colloquium will be articulated between online lectures and the virtual worlds’ research and prototypes undertaken by students of the Master Media Design programme of HEAD - Geneva.
The first part of the conference will address the history of metaverses, their origins and the different attempts that emerged to create such spaces through the last decades. The second part will explore and revisit virtual universes developed by artists and designers to extend the definition of such spaces towards new narratives, interactions and audiences. The third and final part of this colloquium will focus on issues related to the design and production of these environments. 

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley
Sabrina Calvo
Marie Dommenget
Christian Mio Loclair 
Nicolas Nova 
Appia Studio

Session 1 - 1.00pm to 1.30pm CET
Nicolas Nova - A recurring promise : Metaverse origins, fantasies and failures
This talk will explore critically the history of metaverses from their origins to their promises today.

Interlude - A virtual stroll in Roblox

Session 2 - 1.45 pm to 2.15 pm CET
Danielle Brathwaite Shirley - Searching with Open Wounds 
A role play talk in which you will decide how we progress. Together we will go on a journey to understand who we are surrounded by and how the structures of power exist within our assumptions.

Interlude - Getting lost in Decentraland

Session 3 - 2.30 pm to 3 pm CEST

Interlude - Virtual walk

Session 4 - 3.15 pm to 3.45 pm CET
Christian Mio Loclair

Interlude - Streaming of a project done by MA Media Design students

Closing Panel - 4 pm to 4.30 pm CEST
Sabrina Calvo, Marie Dommenget, Appia, MD Students - Decay and rotting fruits for the metaverse 
In this panel, students from Masters Media Design program students will present the virtual worlds they
created with Marie Dommenget, Sabrina Calvo and Appia Studio. Their explorations will show alternative ossibilities for what the metaverse could become. 

Credits:Visual Identity by Master Media Design students: Pauline Baldinetti, Théotime Serre,Hugo Langlade, 
Website  by Thibaud Goiffon, Nicolas Baldran and Cyrus Khalatbari

Organized by Alexia Mathieu, Head MA Media Design program with the help of Cyrus Khalatbari et Nicolas Baldran. 


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© Master Media Design students: Pauline Baldinetti, Théotime Serre,Hugo Langlade