Portes ouvertes 2023

The four buildings of the HEAD Campus will be open all day for free and guided visits. The metal, wood, prototyping, fashion, jewelry and ceramics workshops, the classrooms, the editing and animation studios, the photo, video, sound, publishing and printing pools, all the spaces and infrastructures of the HEAD will offer demonstrations, exhibitions, screenings etc. The teaching staff, students and young graduates will be available to answer all your questions. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mandarins and cakes will be offered to the public.

The presentation of the admission requirements by the Head of the Teaching Coordination and Admissions Office, the presentation of the school by Lada Umstätter, the new Director of HEAD, as well as the presentations of the Bachelor's and Master's programs by the heads of the departments will take place at the times listed below. The Bachelor's presentations will all be broadcast live on the internet on Saturday, January 21 and will be available in replay until the Admissions deadline.

HEAD Campus, Cafeteria  
Building H, avenue de Châtelaine 7  

Presentation of the Bachelor programs 
11:00 a.m. Presentation of the Bachelor admission requirements
11:30 General presentation of the school by the director Lada Umstätter
12:00 Visual communication
12:30 pm Illustration
1:00 pm Interior design
1:30 p.m. Visual arts - five options
2:00 p.m. Film
2:30 Fashion Design
3:00 p.m. Jewellery and accessories design
3:30 p.m. Presentation of admission requirements Bachelor

HEAD Campus, Georges Addor Room
Building E, avenue de Châtelaine 5

Presentation of the Master's courses 
12:00 p.m. Presentation of the Master's admission requirements
12:30 General presentation of the school by the director Lada Umstätter
1:00 pm Media Design
1:30 pm Fashion and accessories design
2:00 pm Visual Arts Work.master
2:30 p.m. Visual Arts CCC, research program
3:00 pm Visual Arts TRANS -
3:30 Interior Architecture (MAIA)
4:00 Space and communication
4:30 pm Cinema
Information booth and admission requirements Master 

HEAD Admissions Office  
Preparatory class CFP Arts : Information booth Visual Arts & Design and ESBDi  
Propaedeutic class EBAG  

Campus HEAD
Bâtiment H, av de Châtelaine 7
Arrêt Guye, Bus N° 6, 10, 19
Batiment E, av de Châtelaine 5
Arrêt Guye, Bus N° 6, 10, 19
Bâtiment A, Route des Franchises 2
Arrêt Guye, Bus N° 6, 10, 19
Bâtiment HEAD, Bd James-Fazy 15
(à pied depuis la gare)
Arrêt Gare Cornavin
Bus N°1, N°8, ou N°19
Tram N°14, N°15 et N°18

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Portes ouvertes 2023
© Floriane Biner, diplomée en Bachelor Communication visuelle 2021
Présentations des formations Bachelor
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