NEW HEADS 2022: artgenève 2023

January 26-29, 2023
Palexpo Genève

Come and discover The New Heads 2022, graduates of the Master in Visual Arts 2022, selected by Yasmin Afschar for the artgeneve exhibition.

Many of our memories are associated with objects. A myriad of stories inscribed in things, substances and items of everyday life, transmit narratives that are often excluded and forgotten. Bringing together four 2022 MA graduates in Visual Arts from HEAD – Genève, the presentation focuses on objects (and paintings) as vessels of stories, individual, collective and universal, while often linking these realms together. The works on display lead back to various points of departure: objects from everyday life in Cameroon, dream images of a childhood home in Iran, photos of one’s parents’ politically agitated youth, early horror films, and the imagery of magic realism… Made of ceramics, found items or industrial materials, the objects offer both protection and presence to the stories inherent in them. They help preserve them, save them from being erased, carry them from one place to another, and share them with others. At the art fair – where art objects change hands and where the artworks’ commercial value is important – this focus opens additional perspectives.

Artists :
Yann Stéphane Biscaut
Sebastián Dávila
Zahrasadat Hakim
Viola Leddi
A selection by: Yasmin Afschar

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Yann Biscaut Codex, 2021
© ceramique, platre,peinture à l’huile, 60x73cm
Sebastián Dávila,Pueden Cortar Las Flores, Pero Siempre Habrá Primavera, 2022
© metal, ceramic, cardboard, flowers, wood, styrofome Variable dimensions
Viola Leddi Pill box for Dolores, 2022 Glazed porcelain, gold, amitriptyline 8,3 x 7,5 x 6 cm
© Remy Ugarte Vallejos, courtesy VIN VIN Vienna
Zahrasadat Hakim Green Space, 2022 clay ca. 48 x 48 x 48 cm
© HEAD – Genève, Emily Bonnet