Exhibition Teach Yourself to Fly

An exhibition project with Nastasia Meyrat, Sarah Margnetti, Camilla Paolino, Sabrina Röthlisberger, Mina Squalli-Houssaïni, Gaia Vincensini 
Curated by Sarah Margnetti 

LiveInYourHead, Rue de Hesse 5 
From September 18 to October 17, 2020 
Opening: September 17 at 6pm 

Amelia disappeared on the 2nd of July 1937. 
She was flying solo across the ocean and there, at some point, she vanished. A one-dollar ride above the skyline of LA had made her decide to teach herself to fly. And when the time was ripe, she discreetly flew away. 

Some years later, Pauline disappeared as well. 
Sick of the world, she set herself apart in search of ways to heal. 
As an accordionist, she was accustomed to listen to the rhythm of a breathing organ. 
And so she gathered peers to attune their lungs and meditate. 
And when the time was ripe, she discreetly flew away. 

Teaching ourself to fly is a way to attune our breathing with those of others, allowing voices to sound 
together. Once we all get there, the group’s cumulative breathing sounds like an airplane taking flight. 
Once we all get there, our breaths being synchronized, embroidered and entangled, together we are 
ready to take off. But flying doesn’t come that easy, one has to teach oneself to grasp it, to practice and 
rehearse it. Again and again. It's about engaging oneself within a larger breath. 
Would you lend your breathing, vital bodily function, like circulating blood, to a collective exercice? 
Would you trust and join the conspiracy? 

written with Amelia Earhart & Pauline Oliveros in mind. 


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Exhibition Teach Yourself to Fly
© Sarah Margnetti