Visions du Réel - Festival international de cinéma Nyon

Friday 15 April 2016 to Saturday 23 April 2016

Festival international de cinéma Nyon
Place du Marché 2
1260 Nyon – Suisse

The Département Cinéma / cinéma du réel  presents three Bachelor's degree films, two Master's degree films and Daniel Schweizer's Trading Paradise film.

For the International Competition Premiers PasChronique d’un territoire from Valentin Merz, Les Libérateurs from Philbert Mbabazi and Les trois hirondelles from Jorge Cadena

Master's degree films led by the HEAD – Genève et ECAL Stars from Carmen Jacquier and Gianni Nagi and Cooling Waters from Jonas Scheu. Both films were produced during the a trip to Sarajevo. 
Screening on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 22nd of April.

Trading Paradise from Daniel Schweizer, director attached to the Département Cinéma / cinéma du réel
Screening on the 16th and 17th of April.

Presence also manifests professional meetings from DOCM.  Exchanges and discussions involving several European film schools - prepared and conducted by debate prepared and led by Gudula Meinzolt, director of DOCM Nyon and Jean Perret on April 18th.

For the fifth year in a row, the HEAD – Genève Postproduction Award will be given to the the best film linked with the cinéma du réel, on April 21st. 

Bertrand Bacqué and Jean Perret will talk for 90’ about the essay as a stimulating cinematographic form. With film extracts in relation with the book Jeux sérieux, Cinéma et art contemporains transforment l’essai (Edition HEAD & MAMCO). Debate on April 17th.

As for the young public Jury, the President is an undergarduate student of the department, Sayaka Mizuno

Quant au Jury du jeune public, sa Présidente est une étudiante en Diplôme BA du Département, Sayaka Mizuno

Jean Perret 

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