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Institute Land-Nature-Environment

Institute Land-Nature-Environment

The research activities of the Institute Land-Nature-Environment are developed in the fields of agronomy and the environmental management.

Within this perimeter, cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research address the management, conservation and sustainable economic use of ecosystems and their resources, as well as the optimisation of agricultural systems, protecting water, the soil and life.

inTNE regroups the applied research and service-provision activities corresponding to the two bachelor's degree curricula of HEPIA, the Environmental Engineering curriculum and the Agronomy curriculum, which are unique in the HES-SO network and in Switzerland, respectively.

Strategic focus

  • Ecology and management of natural and used environments
  • Environmental services under anthropic pressure in agricultural and urban ecosystems

Main objectives

  • Foster the services and the technological and methodological solutions for the management of natural resources that are adapted to societies and communities.
  • Contribute to the implementation of tools, methods or systems for the sustainable management of resources and natural areas based on collaboration with managers and researchers.
  • Develop strategies, tools and methods for the conservation and management of biodiversity, ecosystems and the landscape, with including socio-cultural and economic aspects.
  • Promote knowledge, understanding and development of natural environments through developing educational tools or performing adaptations.
  • Develop products that respect the environment.
  • Develop multi-functional techniques for the greening urban areas.
  • Develop the tools for the protection of water, soils and plants.

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