Ta-Daaa AR·T
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Ta-Daaa AR·T

June 2023 to November 2023

Leading institution: HEAD – Genève
Team leader: Ta-Daaa studio
Project teamt: Ta-Daaa studio Valérie Pierrehumbert, Jessica Friedling, Aprobado Studio Raphaël Munoz
Financing: OPI Office de promotion des industries et des technologies

The "Ta-Daa AR-T" project proposes an innovative reinterpretation of Geneva's urban environment, using posters, animations and augmented reality to evoke a magical experience. In its first phase, the project focuses on the culinary theme, magnifying elements such as food, dishes and recipes. The magical element lies in the transformation of ingredients, utensils and foodstuffs into animated entities that interact with the public, creating an unprecedented interactive universe.

The project focuses on the poster medium, a ubiquitous yet often overlooked element in our everyday environment. The aim is to restore value to the poster by transforming it into an immersive artistic intervention. The idea is to imagine a city where strikingly designed posters, free of commercial messages, offer new interactions that enhance the fusion between the paper medium and digital technologies.

The team behind this project brings together experts in graphic design, interaction design and programming to create an experience that puts the spotlight on the contemporary poster. This exhibition of augmented culinary posters seeks to explore the possibilities of visual communication by marrying the printed medium with digital technology. The fundamental aim is to bring the city to life by creating unique and innovative experiences, reinventing the way citizens interact with the urban environment through a dialogue between the physical and digital worlds.

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