DLR | Designer Working With Sound Of Clothes
© HEAD – Genève, Victor De La Reberdière
DLR | Designer Working With Sound Of Clothes
© HEAD – Genève, Victor De La Reberdière
Mixed Media Performance | Algo Soundtracks
© HEAD – Genève, Thérèse Weibel
Recreating Cities
© HEAD – Genève, Laure Federiconi
1 – 8
© HEAD – Genève, Laure Federiconi
Clock – Macking Off
© HEAD – Genève, Irvin Vaucher De La Croix
Animation into music
© HEAD – Genève, Diana Vlasa
Stanze Interiori
© HEAD – Genève, Alessandra Ghiazza

A Perfect Universe

March 2021

In the Perfect Universe sound workshop for Semaine De Tous Le Possibles, we explored sound as a medium to discover, interpret, express and escape the world around us. Starting with the natural world and the acoustics of objects, shapes and materials, the project developed through field recording, material manipulation, experimentation with electronics and software, the activation of physical objects and the building of machines.

We live in a world where the visual domain dominates, while sound is a powerful but often underused creative medium. In the workshop students from a range of visual art and design disciplines took an experimental and practical approach to flip this relationship. Developing their own audio recordings and performance they explored how sound could be used to lead and innovate their own personal practice.

Bengone Taomei
De La Reberdière Victor
Federiconi Laure
Ghiazza Alessandra
Melinand Tanguy
Mermoud Samantha
Magne Victor
Nimier Alice
Prekorogja Donat
Siron Valérie
Urech Olivia
Vaucher De La Croix Irvin
Vlasa Diana
Weibel Thérèse
Goiffon Thibaud

Dominic Robson
Layla Gaye

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