Artificial Intelligence

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Integrate artificial intelligences into a creative chain, while reflecting on the consequences of their use

Through a simple textual invocation (“prompt”) one can now ask a so-called intelligent machine to generate images: portraits, landscapes, objects, architecture, typography, illustrations, etc. Increasingly, these machines can also imitate styles according to given instructions with ever greater nuance, subtlety and even boldness. These new tools are very powerful and require reflection on their uses. Their risks are great: they may cause our imagination to lose many of its complexities, while helping us better anticipate the tastes of the population. Cultural normalisation is not new, but with the massive emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the production of images and texts, we risk sinking into a world of recursion and simulated reproductions. Given that AI is a reality, we must learn to deal with it. We can then choose not to use it knowingly, but we cannot ignore it.

Target audience
This course is primarily aimed at people who are familiar with the fields of art and/or design and who wish to strengthen their professional integration in fields related to emerging technologies.

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From May 29, 2024 until June 1st, 2024
From July 3, 2024 until July 6, 2024

Course led by Etienne Mineur Douglas Edric Stanley

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Artificial Intelligence
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