The alignment problem: LiveInYourHead Exhibition

Exhibition from March 16 until April 6, 2023
Opening on March 15, 2023 6pm
LiveInYourHead, exhibition space
Campus HEAD Building D
Boulevard James-Fazy 15
1201 Geneva

In this carte blanche proposed to Bastien Gachet, the artist has chosen to consider artistic practice as a language. The resulting exhibition, The alignment problem, is an attempt to assemble a series of different vocabularies, each influenced by practical and emotional parameters, themselves constructed by a conditioned and biased use of natural language. It is a game of influences, agreements and misunderstandings resulting in a space-wise readable paragraph that alternately demonstrates congruence and dissonance, where the overlapping vocabularies participate as much in the construction of meaning as their deviations and deviations.

With : Alpha Sy, Aurélien Martin, Bastien Gachet, Bleue Liverpool, Gina Proenza, Lou Masduraud, Oded Rimon, Rebecca Kunz, Sophie Conus, Yoan Mudry, Yul Tomatala.
A proposal by Bastien Gachet

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The alignment problem: Exposition LiveInYourHead
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