REPORTE : Editing Arts - Montage in Motion - International Symposium

The symposium is postponed due to the recommendations of the State Council and the cantonal health authorities
More information coming soon

Le Cube, Bâtiment H
Campus HEAD
7 avenue de Châtelaine
1203 Genève

To follow on from the book Montage. Une anthologie (1913-2018) published jointly by HEAD – Genève and MAMCO in 2018 (currently being reprinted), the Film Department has organised an international symposium and a series of events, Editing Arts, focusing on editing in film and contemporary arts, on 27 and 28 March 2020 in Geneva.

Editing Arts aims to be both prospective and retrospective. Focusing on the major figures in film editing, speakers are invited to address the mutations, alterations and developments that editing is going through in contemporary arts nowadays (performing and fine arts, architecture, music, literature, design, graphic novels, video games, etc.) and what these art forms might bring to cinema in return.

Editing Arts will alternate between fundamental lectures on editing in film and contemporary arts, discussions between theoreticians, critics and artists, as well as performances. Prior to the symposium, events will be organised in partnership with La Comédie de Genève, Cinema Spoutnik and the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève.

Claire Atherton, film editor
Bertrand Bacqué, teacher of Film History and Aesthetics at HEAD
Loïse Bulot, artist and composer
Carla Demierre, researcher and performer, teacher at HEAD
Dominique Chateau, emeritus professor at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, specialist in Film and Aesthetics
Chloé Galibert-Laîné, PhD student and video maker
Selim Krichane, teacher-researcher, UNIL EPFL, member of UNIL Gamelab
Peter Mettler, filmmaker, director of photography and performer
Arielle Meyer, dramaturg and artistic collaborator at La Comédie de Genève
Alexandra Midal, curator and teacher of Design at HEAD
Joaquim Moreno, architect and teacher of Architecture at the University of Porto
Nicolas Nova, researcher and teacher of Anthropology at HEAD
Nicolas Rabaeus, composer and teacher of Composition at HEM
Benjamin Stroun, graphic novel historian and teacher at HEAD
Frederik Peeters, graphic novelist and illustrator
Jean Perret, critical teacher and essayist
Dork Zabunyan, teacher of Film at Paris 8
Olivier Zuchuat, filmmaker, film editor and teacher of Film at HEAD
Roberto Zancan, teacher of the History and Theory of Architecture at HEAD

Leading up to the symposium
Workshop with film director Christiane Jatahy at La Comédie de Genève
Film screenings at Cinema Spoutnik
Meeting with filmmaker Giovanni Cioni at the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève

Full programme in February 2020

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