Actualité de la recherche: Lecture by Prof. Audrey Rieber

Wednesday 18 October 2017

12h15 - 13h45
Uni Bastions, rue De-Candolle 5
Free entry

Actualité de la Recherche, Autumn Semester 2017-2018
In collaboration with the University of Geneva

How do images make sense? A study about Gottfried Boehm
A lecture by Prof. Audrey Rieber, École normale supérieure de Lyon

How do images make sense? This is the question devoted to the historian of art and philosopher Gottfried Boehm, one of the most important representatives of the Bildwissenschaft or the science of images. Taking note of the iconic tower and the requirement to think the power and the meaning proper to the images, he developed the idea of ​​an iconic logic, that is to say a mode of meaning specific to the images. It is this thesis, its scope, its difficulties that we are examining. How does the image generate meaning if it does not work as a text? What does the thesis mean that the image indicates meaning? Finally, what is meant by "iconic difference", the central concept of Boehm by which the mode of emergence of the meaning proper to images is represented, sculpted, photographic, artistic or scientific?

Audrey Rieber is a lecturer in philosophy at the ENS (Ecole Nationale supérieure de Lyon).

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