Marina Khémis & Shaima Abdelazim, Core 77 awards

Friday 26 June 2015

Marina Khémis and Shaima Abdelazim won the Prize 2015 Core77 Design Award of the "Built Environment" for the ingenious set design they created for the exhibition "24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss cuckoo" exhibition which has already traveled to Paris, Montreal, Boston and which is about to leave for Asia. 

The Core77 Design Awards honor design achievements in different categories, product design, spatial design, packaing, transportation, visual communication. The "Built Environment" refers to the space design, whether for exhibitions and installations, temporary or permanent.

Marina and Shaima have invented an elegant display for the cuckoos' exhibition which also serves to transport the 24 cuckoos whose destiny is to travel around the world. The five modules are created inspired by the shape of a "chalet", which is also the archetype of the traditional Swiss cuckoo. Congratulations to our two students in Master Spaces and Communication!


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Marina Khémis et Shaima Abdelazim ont gagné le Prix 2015 Core77
© Michel Brunelle