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RoboShoulder project


Development of a robotic/biomechanical platform for joint evaluation
The first application of this pilot study relates to the...


The InTERiM project is the crossing of two projects, one in Switzerland, the other in Tunisia:
The Swiss joint project which aims...

Projet MEDInA


MEDInA aims at designing an intelligence as a Service (InaaS) framework for creating IoT self-adaptive Machine Learning (ML)...

Illustration du Cycloergomètre

Cycloergometer - a project supported by the HUG private foundation

Physiotherapy equipment to maintain the patient's physical fitness
The Cycloergometer project, initiated by physiotherapist...

Logo LaPAGE project


LaPAGE is a research project that aims to set up a transversal and dynamic landscape observatory website. It is linked to Geneva...

Logo de enhancer


EnhanceR is a national initiative to provide specialised Research IT support to the Swiss research academic sector. It achieves...

photo energitram


This project is developing a system for recording the actual energy consumption of a tramway operated by Transports Publics...

photo sig solaire


Update to the solar land registry of the canton of Geneva with new LiDAR 2013 altimetry data, taking advantage of the resources...

photo ecodrive

EcoDrive TPF

Analysis of the possibilities for deploying an EcoDrive solution in the TPF bus fleet.

visuel de la nuvlabox, projet PAChA

Portable Cloud Appliance - PAChA

Non-IT SMEs often stay away from public clouds because they cannot quantify the financial gain of using these new technologies....