Micro-techniques and Bio-instrumentation

MENU Micro-techniques and Bio-instrumentation

Areas of expertise

The skills of the Micro-techniques and Bio-instrumentation group are expressed in all domains of micro-techniques systems which include sensors, fluids, micro-mechanics and electronics. The group is proficient in the most advanced tools and methodologies in this domain.

It works in quite varied domains, such as the design of medical monitoring or diagnostic systems (i.e. POC systems), sensors and circuits manufactured by printing on all types of supports (including plastronics), studies on the principle of transduction by modelling and prototyping and of bio-impedance. It also has, and is proficient in, various tools for characterisation in the domains of electrical impedance, physical or bio-chemical sensors and for micro-fluidics.

The group has developed multi-disciplinary working methods that enable it to be efficient in applied projects. It also carries out more scientific projects, aiming to understand physical phenomena in printing and measurement techniques.