Acoustic, Optical and Image Processing

MENU Acoustic, Optical and Image Processing

Areas of expertise

Attached to the inSTI, the Acoustic, Optical and Image Processing group performs applied research and development (aR&D) projects in partnership with local and regional economic players as well as for institutions.

The business expertise and know-how of the group is adapted for applications dedicated to images in the broad sense, as well as to sound, noise and vibrations. Our areas of competence and research interests more specifically cover the techniques of imaging, augmented reality, the control of sound fields and intelligent vibro-acoustic structures. The group also carries out more scientific projects, aiming for the understanding of physical phenomena in optics and acoustics.

Specific skills

  • Characterisation, design and optimisation of acoustic systems (products, equipment, rooms) and electro-acoustic transducers (loudspeaker systems, microphones)
  • Design of strategies for active vibro-acoustic control and definition of control objectives (damping, interference, restructuring)
  • Development of innovative devices for the active reduction of noise and vibration
  • Implementation of electro-mechanical transducers for the monitoring and vibro-acoustic control of structures
  • Design of optical micro-systems
  • Simulation of an optical system (ZemaxZ)
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) imaging
  • Development of algorithms for the enhancement and analysis of images