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Mechanical properties of materials laboratory

Mechanical properties of materials laboratory

Whether in the form of direct services or of larger aR&D projects, the mechanical properties of materials laboratory offers you real skills in the characterisation of the mechanical and physical behaviour of materials, mainly metallic, as well as a service for the expert appraisal of damaged parts and industrial forming techniques.

Approach used in matters of aR&D

The resources, experience and relational networks of the laboratory enable the multidisciplinary handling of aR&D mandates and projects that are assigned to it, seeking and preferring the best skills to be engaged in relation to the problem to be resolved and the expectations of the client. To this end and in partnership with the client, the project is broken down into sections: analysis of what exists, experimentation/development by competent persons, then concrete proposals; this approach enables the achievement of ambitious and difficult objectives.




  • Fracture mechanics
  • Fatigue (60 KN dynamic)
  • Tension (100 KN, 50 KN with extensometer)
  • Hardness, macro, micro and nano
  • Cryostat for cryogenic tests, at 4.2 and 77 K (capacity 100 KN)
  • System for tension tests up to 800°C


  • Thermal analysis (DTA, DSC, TMA, DMA)
  • Diffraction of Rx


  • Scanning electron microscope (MEB)
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM),
  • Optical microscope, image analysis


  • MEB
    • EDX / WDS for the measurement of chemical composition, including the light elements C, N, O and B
    • EBSD for the examination of crystallographic orientations.

Thermal treatments

  • tempering and annealing ovens
  • dry and wet ovens


Head of laboratory

Rue de la Prairie 4
1202 Genève