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Laser and EDM micro-machining factory

Laser and EDM micro-machining factory

This laboratory is dedicated to innovation in the field of the non-conventional machining consisting of electrical discharge machining and laser ablation.

For the manufacture of concrete parts, it also uses conventional machining equipment (turning and milling).

The laboratory’s know-how is in the fine understanding of these shaping techniques and the ability to develop new operating procedures.


Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

  • EDM wire: Robofil E350
  • EDM wire: Robofil 390
  • EDM hobbing: Roboform 350
  • Prototype LEMM Light Edm Micro-Milling

LASER machining

  • ESPLA picosecond laser system
  • IPG nanosecond laser system

Machining by removal of shavings

  • Digital-control milling machine with 5 axes
  • Digital lathe


Head of laboratory

Rue de la Prairie 4
Salles CR03, C106 et C208
1202 Genève