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Electronics laboratory

Electronics laboratory

We use advanced equipment both for teaching and for the performance of industrial projects. We can also make this equipment available in the case of a request for service.

The laboratory has more than 25 workbenches equipped with oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, multimeters and, sometimes, spectrum analysers.

Part is used for bachelor’s degree training of engineers in micro-techniques, IT, telecommunications and mechanics. The other part is used for projects in applied research and for the provision of services.

The laboratory has milling machines for quickly producing prototype cards and equipment and machines for the manual assembly and welding of components. It also includes machines for repairing and weld separation of components.

We develop our cards with the Altium software, the leader in the industrial world.

  • High-performance oscilloscopes (bandwidth, sampling, memory depth)
  • High-sensitivity current probes and differential probes
  • Precise low-voltage power supplies
  • High-voltage and high-power supplies
  • Precise sources of current
  • Generators of arbitrary functions
  • Precision LCR meter
  • Active load
  • Mapping and analysis of EMC electromagnetic emissions
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Generator of RF signals


Head of laboratory

Rue de la Prairie 4
1202 Genève