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Connected trees SEGGA project

Connected trees SEGGA

Global electronic tree management solution

Trees are essential to the quality of life of city residents. In order to fulfill their mission, trees must be healthy and safe.

PLANETE project


The PLANETE - Plants, Energy & Temperature project combines vegetated roofs and solar panels and compares the functioning of photovoltaic panels (of variable type and orientation) and the evolution of microclimate under these conditions.

Végétalisation de façade et de toiture


Green facades and roofs of the GIBOR project – providing biodiversity in the dense city

photo heg batelle



Assistance to the contracting authority for the greening of the roof and developments on the HEG’s Battelle campus.

Photo roof Maria Belgia

Roof Maria-Belgia - Vevey

Establishment of the roof vegetation plan specific to the local context of Vevey with definitions of thicknesses and their variables, biodiversity-enhancing facilities and recommended plant species.


Development of an identification key for Swiss ornamental rocks for specialists in the conservation of monuments, combining knowledge of geology and the terrain.

photo plantaSion


A guide to recommendations for vegetation and outdoor development of private spaces in urban areas.

photo recycling urbain


A sustainable urban landscape through the use of its recycled materials.

photo savge


Strategies for adapting cities to climate change through water management

Water for the soil

photo villa della pietra

Via della Pietra

Support, as an external expert, of the project for the development of the «Via della Pietra» territorial route in the stone valleys, Tre Valli region in the canton of Ticino