Biomedical and micro-technical instrumentation laboratory

Biomedical and micro-technical instrumentation laboratory

The activities in the design of sensors and micro-systems in the Micro-techniques and Bio-instrumentation group mainly aim to:

  • master the design of miniaturisable micro-technical functional elements (1D, 2D or 3D)
  • master the prototyping of micro-technical systems using sensors for various applications (such as medical) and the development of measurement chains and electronic and software interfaces specific to the requirements of the user
  • Master the characterisation of various types of sensors for the measurement of their main characteristics, their metrological performance and their sensitivity to environmental conditions of use

To support this activity, the laboratory has the following equipment, in addition to access to the resources and equipment of the platforms of partner institutions:

  • workstations with business software: multi-physical simulation (COMSOL), CAD (CREO), PCB design (Altium, KiCad), instrumentation (LabVIEW)
  • benches and measurement chains for characterisation of sensors of numerous readings (magnetic field, distance/proximity, linear/angular position, stress gauges, accelerometry, temperature, humidity, force, flow, pressure, biomarkers, pH)
  • climatic chamber
  • stereo microscope
  • various high-precision impedance meters enabling measurement over a wide frequency spectrum (ULF to HF), with the possibility of multi-channel measurements
  • collection of medical instruments and sensors
  • standard equipment and instruments of micro-technical and electronic laboratories


Head of laboratory

HEPIA – Campus Biotech
Chemin des Mines 9
Laboratory of Microengineering and Bioinstrumentation
Genève 1202