Tissue Engineering

MENU Tissue Engineering

Areas of expertise

The Tissue Engineering group forms an integral part of the inSTI Institute. This multi-disciplinary group has skills in both biology and engineering (micro-techniques). This combination of domains of competence can provide solutions to the requirements of the industrial fabric arising from various fields of application, such as medical diagnostics or the pharmaceutical industry.

Areas of expertise

Cellular culture

  • Cells of human origin taken from reprogrammed stem cells (iPS)
  • Neuronal tissue in 3 dimensions from human cells
  • Biochemical biocompatibility tests
  • Imaging methods (optical and confocal microscopy, Clarity method)
  • Biochemical analyses


  • Photolithography
  • Metallic thin layers
  • Polymers (Polyimide and SU-8)

Micro-techniques systems applied to cells

  • Rapid prototyping (3D printing, laser cutting)
  • Fluidics
  • Visualisation (Camera)
  • Measurement of bio impedance
  • In vitro bio-electrical measurements based on networks of electrodes

Analysis of biological data