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Reliability and diagnostic accuracy of commonly used performance tests relative to fall history in older persons: a systematic review

Gafner, S. C., Allet, L., Hilfiker, R., Bastiaenen, C. (2021). Clinical interventions in aging, 16, 1591-1616.

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Reliability and validity of an adapted hip abductor strength measure as a potential new fall risk assessment for older persons : a study protocol

Gafner, S. C., Bastiaenen, C. H. G. , Biver, E. , Ferrari, S. , Allet, L. (2021). BMC Geriatrics, 21(article 110), pp. 1-12.

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Restructuring maternal services during the Covid-19 pandemic: early results of a scoping review for non-infected women

Montagnoli, C. , Zanconato, G., Ruggeri, S., Cinelli, G., Tozzi, A. E. (2021). Midwifery, 94 (article 102916), 1-6.

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The measurement properties of assessment tools for chronic wounds : a systematic review

Smet, S., Probst, S. , Holloway, S. , Fourie, A. , Beele, H. , Beeckman, D. (2021). International Journal of Nursing Studies, 121(article 103998), 1 - 12.

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Tooling nurses to assess complexity in routine home care practice: derivation of a complexity index from the interRAI-HC

Busnel, C., Vallet, F., Ludwig, C. (2021). Nursing Open, 8 (2), 815-823.

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Venous leg ulcer recurrences : the relationship to self‐efficacy, social support and quality of life : a mixed method study

Probst, S. , Bobbink, P., Séchaud, L. , Buehrer Skinner, M. (2021). Journal of Advanced Nursing, 77 (1), 367-375.

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  Sebastian Probst
  Paul Bobbink
  Laurence Séchaud

Visiting out-of-home places when living with dementia

Margot-Cattin, I., Ludwig, C., Kühne, N., Eriksson, G., Berchtold, A., Nygard, L., Kottorp, A. (2021). Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Online first

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Women's dissatisfaction with inappropriate behavior by health care workers during childbirth care in France : a survey study

Gaucher, L., Huissoud, C., Ecochard, R., Rudigoz, R.-C., Cortet, M., Bouvet, L. , Bouveret, L., Touzet, S., Gonnaud, F., Colin, C., Gaucherand, P., Dupont, C., AURORE Group (2021). Birth, Early View

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A multimodal approach to capture post-stroke temporal dynamics of recovery

Pierella, C., Pirondini, E. , Kinany, N. , Coscia, M. , Giang, C. , Miehlbradt, J. , Magnin, C. , Nicolo, P. , Dalise, S. , Sgherri, G. , Chisari, C. , Van De Ville, D., Guggisberg, A. , Micera, S.
(2020). Journal of neural engineering, 17 (4)

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Aliments magiques, aliments toxiques : les superstitions à l’épreuve de la science

Kruseman, M. (2020). Revue Médicale Suisse, 16 (679), 210-211.

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