lnvestigating techniques of artificial intelligence in the teaching of radiography

2019 - 2020

The “AIRx” project aims to introduce and exploit techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) in the teaching of radiography (Rx). The primary targeted audience are radiographer students, i.e. the future healthcare professionals mainly responsible of the acquisition and processing of medical images.

The main objective is to deliver a radiography simulator using AI to detect human positioning and generate artificial yet realistic X-ray images. Indeed, some inadequacies in current teaching approaches are mainly explained by safety and ethical reasons: students perform real X-ray acquisitions on inanimate objects only, while they practice positioning exercises on other students without acquiring X-ray images; conversely, internships expose students to live situations – but these situations cannot be controlled like in teaching practice. Another objective is to promote the teaching of AI to health professionals while reinforicing their ICT knowledge, which is becoming a serious priority at both national and international levels. We expect innovative results in the field of ICT and in particular AI, and a practical impact on the learning experience of X-ray imaging.

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