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A 25-Year Experience with a Project-Centered Master in Public Health: Key to Public Health Relevance and Educational Efficacy?

Chastonay, P., Jeannot, E., Stoll, B., Mattig, T., Moretti, R., Walker, F., Mpinga, E. K.
(2017). Creative Education, 8(3), 461-470.

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Adiposity, breast density, and breast cancer risk: epidemiological and biological considerations

Soguel, L., Durocher, F., Tchernof, A., Diorio, C.
(2017). Eur J Cancer Prev, In Press

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Assessment of Dysfunctional Cognitions in Binge-Eating Disorder: Factor Structure and Validity of the Mizes Anorectic Cognitions Questionnaire-Revised (MAC-R)

Carrard, I., Rothen, S., Kruseman, M., Khazaal, Y.
(2017). Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 208.

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Career paths of 1988 and 1998 nurse graduates in Switzerland: nurses at work pilot study

Addor, V., Jeannin, A., Schwendimann, R., Roulet Jeanneret, F.
(2017). J Nurs Manag, 25(4), 318-325.


Comparison of balance strategies in mountain climbers during real altitude exposure between 1.500m and 3.200m: effects of age and expertise

Bruyneel, A. V., Humbert, A., Ing, M. B.
(2017). Neurosci Lett, In Press

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Complex and Simple Clinical Reaction Times Are Associated with Gait, Balance, and Major Fall Injury in Older Subjects with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Richardson, J. K., Eckner, J. T., Allet, L., Kim, H., Ashton-Miller, J. A.
(2017). Am J Phys Med Rehabil, 96(1), 8-16.

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Conflict Structures in Family Networks of Older Adults and Their Relationship With Health-Related Quality of Life

Widmer, E. D., Girardin, M., Ludwig, C.
(2017). Journal of Family Issues, In Press

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Dance therapy combined with patient education improves quality of life of persons with obesity: A pilot feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial

Allet, L., Muller-Pinget, S., Punt, I., Edelsten, C., Ballif, A., Golay, A., Pataky, Z.
(2017). Obes Res Clin Pract, 11(1), 79-87.

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Development and Evaluation of e-CA, an Electronic Mobile-Based Food Record

Bucher Della Torre, S., Carrard, I., Farina, E., Danuser, B., Kruseman, M.
(2017). Nutrients, 9(1), 76-87.

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Does physical exercise improve ADL capacities in people over 65 years with moderate or severe dementia hospitalized in an acute psychiatric setting? A multisite randomized clinical trial

Burge, E., Berchtold, A., Maupetit, C., Bourquin, N. M., von Gunten, A., Ducraux, D., Zumbach, S., Peeters, A., Kuhne, N.
(2017). Int Psychogeriatr, 29(2), 323-332.

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