HES-SO Genève

Health and wellbeing


The health of students is a major issue for tertiary education in Switzerland and around the world.

With a desire to put the wellbeing of students at the top of its values, the HES-SO Genève has established several partnerships with a combination of internal expertise and local Geneva networks.

Health care and advice
As an HES student, you have access to the doctor’s surgery for students of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

Made up of general practitioners, the service provides quality medical care in line with the needs of the student population. It also provides easy access to specialists in the Geneva hospital network.

Consultations are reimbursed via basic insurance and billed according to the standard TARMED rate.

Internal general medical surgery for students
Primary care medical service, Building A, 2nd floor
Main entrance to HUG
Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil Street 4
1205 Geneva
079 553 56 57
Book appointments online only at:


Psychological health care and guidance

Psychological support

If you have concerns relating to your mental health, you can get help from the Health and Wellness Service.

Services are offered in the form of a psychological assessment over several sessions, accompanied by psychotherapeutic referrals where needed.

Consultations are billed at 25 CHF. In the event of financial difficulty, don't hesitate to submit a one-off request for assistance to the Financial Service.

You can book an appointment online using your student email address.

Conflict in Ukraine: the HES-SO Genève provides support to students attending its universities who are facing difficulties due to the war. If you feel the need to talk to someone, do not hesitate to contact the Health and Wellness Service. The service can be covered in the form of one-off assistance

Mental health service for students

Women and girls going through mental health difficulties can access the counselling and support service made available by AGFDU (Association of Women Graduates of Universities) and CLAFG (Network of Women's Associations in Geneva).

Appointments by phone on 078 207 97 57, or by e-mail at contact@clafg.ch


Wellness workshops and coaching

Wellness Workshop

As an HES student, you have access to the wellbeing workshops (in French) run each semester by the Health and Wellness Service.

To register at the start of the school year, visit the page for the relevant workshop.



Do you want to develop your personal, professional or academic skills? The coaching service, run by the Health and Wellness Service is available.

You can book an appointment online using your student email address.


As an HES student, you can benefit from around 60 sports activities offered by the University of Geneva: aerobics, volleyball, basketball, running, badminton, boxing, skating, tennis, and even sports camps (such as mountaineering and skiing).

While most courses are free and do not require registration, some are reserved for students who have registered and have a limited number of places.

Find the full range and activity calendar at https://www.unige.ch/dife/sports/

Staff members and alumni of the HES-SO Genève are also eligible for sports activities.

Nutrition advice
As an HES student, you can benefit from advice from the nutrition unit, run by students and teachers in the Nutrition and Dietetics section of the Haute école de santé (Geneva Health School). This space is intended for people who are concerned about their health, weight or who would like to receive nutritional support and personalised advice.

The consultation room is in Carouge and is billed at 10 CHF per session.

Appointments by phone on 022 388 34 47, or by e-mailing ecn.consultations@hesge.ch

Clinical Laboratory and Advice for Physical and Health Activities (LACAPS)
Physioptherapy students of the Haute école de santé (Geneva Health School) offer cardiac stress tests, after which you will receive tailored advice to improve your training or go back to a physical activity.
Discomfort, harassment and violence
At the top of the HES-SO Genève's values are not only high quality teaching and research, but also quality human relationships. The HES-SO Genève takes care to support and prevent risks to the wellbeing of its community.

The HES-SO Genève is particularly sensitive to issues related to discomfort, harassment and violence, which it strongly condemns. To prevent these issues among its student population, the HES-SO Genève has compiled a list of help and support for any difficult situations encountered by students, which can be found on its website and intranet (in French).

If you are a victim or witness of harassment or violence in any form, you are strongly encouraged to report this type of behaviour and to ask for help/support.

In the event of discrimination, you also have free and confidential access to the HES-SO Genève’s support system with an external trusted person: 022 736 33 07 or personnedeconfiance@humancp.ch