HES-SO Genève


Mobility includes both a person’s stay (whether a registered student or employee) through the HES-SO Genève with a training or research institution abroad (OUT) and receiving people entering the institution from abroad (IN).

The development of a dynamic European area for training and research is an important objective of the European Union, to which Switzerland also subscribes.

This objective is being developed in several complementary ways: offering citizens the means they need to continuously update their knowledge, as well as to develop employment skills.

Specific conditions for participating in the Erasmus + and H2020 programs remain subject to the discussions underway between Switzerland and the European Union.


People affected by exchanges

  • students registered with an HES-SO school
  • professors from HES-SO sites/schools
  • employees of the intermediary body of HES-SO sites/schools
  • Students, professors and assistants from foreign institutions, invited by an HES-SO school/site


International relations in the HES-SO Genève schools


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