Leg ulcer study

Occurrence of recurrent leg ulcers : the relationship between recurrence and self-efficacy, social support and quality of life

2015 - 2018
  • Investigateur(s)
    Sebastian Probst
  • Financement
    BSN-Medical, Hamburg, Germany
  • Collaborations scientifiques
    Hospital Bülach ; Hospital Zollikerberg ; Canton-hospital Winterthur

Venous leg ulcers (VLU) are worldwide with 60% the most frequent wound. VLU can take years until they heal. 60% of VLU heal during first 6 months; 33% during the first year and 7% don‘t heal at all. The recurrence rate after 3 months is about 70%. The prevalence is even higher in older age groups (80%). In Europe is estimated that about 2% of population over 80 years. In Switzerland the population over 80 years is 391‘000.This means there are about 8‘000 persons living with a VLU.Treatment adherence to preventive interventions and to wound care are important factors for the healing process. There are no studies investigating.

The aim of this study is firstly to measure the occurrence of the first leg ulcer-recurrence and secondly to investigate the relationship of the occurrence of a leg ulcer recurrence and self-efficacy, social support and the health related quality of life. Additionally the experiences of these vulnerable patients with VLUs  will be investigated. To address the aim of this study an explanatory sequential mixed-method design was chosen.

With this research project new knowledge about the factors associated with VLU recurrence as well as the perspectives of patients about their recurrence will be generated. The  quantitative and qualitative results will inform the development of wound care - interventions to address the recurrence rate of this high-risk population. A reduction of the recurrence rate is important – not only for each patient but also for the community - as the personal, social and economic costs are high.


Management of patients with venous leg ulcers: challenges and current best practice

Franks, P. J., Barker, J., Collier, M., Gethin, G., Haesler, E., Jawien, A., Laeuchli, S., Mosti, G., Probst, S., Weller, C.

(2016). Management of patients with venous leg ulcers: challenges and current best practice : Journal of Wound Care.


Auteur(s) : Sebastian Probst

Article scientifique

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