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Wound Size Reduction (WSR)

The difference in wound size reduction comparing two frequently used wound dressings in everyday care – a randomized controlled trail

(2017 - 2018)

Sebastian Probst

Thématique(s) et méthode(s): Vieillir en bonne santé, Réhabilitation, Recherche clinique, Transfert de connaissances

Leg ulcer intervention

Development and piloting of a targeted interprofessional education intervention to address therapeutic adherence of venous leg ulcer patients: a feasibility study

(2016 - 2018)

Sebastian Probst, Lara Allet, Jocelyne Depeyre, Monika Bührer Skinner (Swiss School of Public Health, Zurich)

Thématique(s) et méthode(s): Vieillir en bonne santé, Alimentation, nutrition et santé, Réhabilitation, Pratiques professionnelles, Transfert de connaissances

Leg ulcer study

Occurrence of recurrent leg ulcers – the relationship between recurrence and self-efficacy, social support and quality of life

(2015 - 2018)

Sebastian Probst

Thématique(s) et méthode(s): Réhabilitation, Recherche clinique, Transfert de connaissances


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