HES-SO Genève

Culture and sports

The practice of sport or cultural activities contributes both to wellbeing and academic success. It allows you to find accomplishment in a context other than that of your studies. 

Cultural activities
As an HES student, you have access to the various workshops and cultural activities offered by the University of Geneva.

Activities include salsa, street jazz, tango, adobe/design, cinema, sustainable cosmetics, urban vegetable gardens, digital arts, instruments, theatre and improvisation. Most courses are free or offered at a reduced rate.

You can also enjoy free tickets to various shows, exhibitions and concerts. The cultural service publishes a weekly newsletter to keep you informed.

To discover the full range of activities and to register, visit https://unige.ch/dife/culture/cours/.

Staff members and alumni of the HES-SO Genève are also eligible for cultural activity services.

As an HES student, you can benefit from around 60 sports activities offered by the University of Geneva: aerobics, volleyball, basketball, running, badminton, boxing, skating, tennis, and even sports camps (such as mountaineering and skiing).

While most courses are free and do not require registration, some are reserved for students who have registered and have a limited number of places.

Find the full range and activity calendar at https://www.unige.ch/dife/sports/

Staff members and alumni of the HES-SO Genève are also eligible for sports activities.

Measures for sport, art and studies
Put in place by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport, the measures for sport, art and studies aim to support high level athletes, dancers and musicians from primary education up to the level of university and specialist schools (Hautes écoles spécialisées - HES).

At the HES-SO Genève, measures offered to students are mainly aimed at tailoring study plans and spreading exams out over the year as far as possible.


  • Tailored study plan.
  • Possibility of extending duration of studies.
  • Spreading examinations and tests out over the year (as far as possible).


Selection criteria

For artists:

Artists registered in a certifying professional program exercising in parallel a professional activity in a recognized artistic field.

Artists with a professional project in a recognized artistic field.

For athletes:

  • Priority: Gold, silver, bronze and elite Swiss Olympic Cards and national Swiss Olympic Talents Cards.
  • Being recommended by the cantonal trainer or technical sponsor for the discipline.
  • Practising a sporting discipline recognised by Swiss Olympic.
  • Meeting the sports criteria laid out by the University Sports Office in collaboration with sports associations.


Admission process

Complete the official registration application form for your chosen HES.
Should your request be accepted, then you make an appointment with the admissions service to set up your tailored study plan.
The HES informs the student of the decision relating to their tailored study plan.

Registration deadlines: refer to the registration date of the HES school concerned.

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