High-temp. tolerant X-ray imaging detector

High-temperature tolerant X-ray imaging detector for medical applications in harsh environments

2018 - 2020
  • Investigateur(s)
    Jérôme Schmid, Christophe Chênes, Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL) , Dr. Francis Verdun (CHUV)
  • Financement
    Innosuisse (CTI)
  • Collaborations scientifiques
    EPFL, Microelectronic Systems Laboratory (LSM) ; CHUV, Institut de radiophysique (IRA) ; Pristem SA ; Micro Cameras & Space Exploration SA, Amy Scheurer

The overwhelming majority of medical X-ray systems provided in emerging markets are still film-based, incurring very high operating costs and yielding poor image quality. Modern digital X-ray systems are not spread in these countries due to their high complexity and fragility, but also because their X-ray detectors are not working properly at high temperatures. This project aims to develop a medical x-ray detector able to provide high-quality images in very harsh environments. This detector combines state-of-the-art CMOS APS sensors in a novel hardware architecture for real-time image processing.

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