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Cibler l’AVC avec l’IRM hyperpolarisée

(2017 - En cours)

Jean-Noël Hyacinthe Lorenz Hirt (CHUV, Lausanne)

Thématique(s) et méthode(s): Vieillir en bonne santé, Pratiques professionnelles, Recherche clinique, Technologie de la santé


Evaluating the potential of hyperpolarised [1-13C] L-lactate as a neuroprotectant metabolic biosensor for stroke

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Micron-sized PFOB liquid core droplets stabilized with tailored-made perfluorinated surfactants as a new class of endovascular sono-sensitizers for focused ultrasound thermotherapy

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Hybrid ultrasound-MR guided HIFU treatment method with 3D motion compensation

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Molecular oxygen loading in candidate theranostic droplets stabilized with biocompatible fluorinated surfactants: Particle size effect and application to in situ(19)F MRI mapping of oxygen partial pressure

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In vivo pink-beam imaging and fast alignment procedure for rat brain tumor radiation therapy

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Beyond spin exchange optical pumping: hyperpolarization of 129Xe via sublimation dynamic nuclear polarization

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Optimal glass-forming solvent brings sublimation dynamic nuclear polarization to129Xe Hyperpolarization biomedical imaging standards

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Photoinduced nonpersistent radicals as polarizing agents for X-nuclei dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization

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Nouveaux horizons pour l’imagerie moléculaire

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Hyperpolarization without persistent radicals for in vivo real-time metabolic imaging

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Pulsatile blood flow in human bone assessed by laser-Doppler flowmetry and the interpretation of photoplethysmographic signals

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ARFI-prepared MRgHIFU in liver: simultaneous mapping of ARFI-displacement and temperature elevation, using a fast GRE-EPI sequence

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Haemodynamic responses to temperature changes of human skeletal muscle studied by laser-Doppler flowmetry

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High time-resolved cardiac functional imaging using temporal regularization for small animal on a clinical 3T scanner

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Manganese kinetics demonstrated double contrast in acute but not in chronic infarction in a mouse model of myocardial occlusion reperfusion

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Matching between regional coronary vasodilator capacity and corresponding circumferential strain in individuals with normal and increasing body weight

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Assessment of left ventricular apical rotation in obese by Cardiovascular MR tagging

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Spiral demystified

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In vivo labelling of resting monocytes in the reticuloendothelial system with fluorescent iron oxide nanoparticles prior to injury reveals that they are mobilized to infarcted myocardium

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