A School of Health Sciences in the international city of Geneva

The Geneva School of Health Sciences (HEdS - Genève) has a strong academic commitment to increasing its European and international visibility while respecting diversity and plurality, both here and elsewhere.

The HEdS - Genève encourages students, teachers, researchers and members of staff on its five degree programmes to cooperate with a wide range of higher education institutions, both nationally and internationally.

This cultural, academic and professional openness is achieved:

  • In Europe: through the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (previously known as Erasmus+).
  • In the rest of the world: by negotiating bilateral agreements and developing cooperation and partnerships on a global scale.

Agreements have thus been signed with around 40 universities on the five continents.

In response to these objectives and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, the International Relations Office is continuing to develop bilateral agreements and helping to design, manage and monitor intercultural projects. It manages funds and subsidies to support mobility for students (for study abroad programmes or practical traineeships) and teaching staff in Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

Our aim is to support your projects and we attach great importance to your mobility plans whether you are a student or teacher, and whether you want to travel abroad or come to the School of Health Sciences!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us: we will be delighted to answer your questions or respond to your requests.