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Accessibilité et participation sociale

Manon Masse, Geneviève Piérart, Francine Julien-Gauthier, Danièle Wolf

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Liste des projets de recherche pour Milena Chimienti

ISRF-funded project: Comparing the taxation of prostitution in Europe: experiences and negotiations with laws and fiscal arrangements.

(en cours)

Milena Chimienti (Co-I, School of Social Work HETS, HESSO GE, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HETS)), Isabel Crowhurst (PI, University of Essex), Alexandra Oliveira (Co-I, University of Porto)

Children of Refugees : Aspirations, social and economic lives, identity and transnational linkages


Milena Chimienti, Laurence Ossipow Wüest, Alice Bloch (University of Manchester), Catherine Withol de Wenden (Sciences Po Paris, CERI)