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Accessibilité et participation sociale

Manon Masse, Geneviève Piérart, Francine Julien-Gauthier, Danièle Wolf

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(Super-)Diversity and the migration-social work nexus: a new lens for mapping the field of access and inclusion ?

Conférence en marge des Midis de la recherche

25 Juin 2015 - 11h00 - 13h30

Paolo Boccagni, professeur assistant au département de sociologie et de recherche sociale à l'Université de Trento.

The notions of diversity and superdiversity are of promising relevance to social work with immigrant clients. They enable a nuanced appreciation of the complex and varied sources of inequality to which such clients are exposed. However, these categories are sometimes employed in overly principled or prescriptive tones, and their distinctive contribution is relatively under-debated. How can diversity and superdiversity be used to make sense of migrants' disadvantages as welfare clients, and what do they add to the pre-existing social work perspectives? This paper revisits three major issues from within the literature on social work with immigrants: (1) the shifting ways of framing these clients; (2) the relevance of diversity and superdiversity in the self-representations and organizational arrangements of service providers; (3) the methodological underpinnings, and ensuing dilemmas, of helping relationships with immigrant clients. Overall, social work emerges as an exemplary field to assess the conceptual transition from diversity towards superdiversity.



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