Microfluidics and printing laboratory

Microfluidics and printing laboratory

The microfluidics and printing activities in the Micro-techniques and Bio-instrumentation group mainly aim to:

  • control the handling of small quantities of fluids of different viscosities to place them on structured surfaces
  • prepare solutions for the treatment and activation of sensitive sensor surfaces
  • print on almost all types of supports (flat or not flat) structured functional layers (such as Kapton, porous PET membrane, ceramic, wood, metal, etc.)

To support this activity, the laboratory has the following equipment, in addition to access to the resources and equipment of the platforms of partner institutions:

  • industrial pad printing machine
  • machine for placing micro-droplets
  • laminar flows and equipment for preparing solutions in clean working zones
  • system for measuring dissolved gases ( e.g. pO2)
  • instruments for characterisation (i.e. viscosity) of small quantities of fluids


Head of laboratory

Philippe Passeraub
HEPIA – Campus Biotech
Chemin des Mines 9
Laboratory of Microengineering and Bioinstrumentation
1202 Genève