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Belle-Idée project


Restoration of the Belle-Idée pond: a pilot study of plant engineering with the sowing of charophytes
In collaboration with the...

BIOTOP project


Development of bioprospecting tools of the yeast microbiome for the production of fermented drinks
Microbial fermentation has...

Project Bonnant guiding vision

Bonnant - guiding vision

Restoration of the Bonnant Amont in the commune of Les Contamines-Montjoie - Creation of a guiding vision and accompaniment to...

Project Csol

Csol - Climate soil and agriculture

This project consists of a set of research and expertises to address the climate issue, and in particular the sequestration of...

Project Giffre - guiding vision

Giffre - guiding vision

Restoration of the Giffre between the communes of Samoëns and Taninges - Creation of a guiding vision
The Giffre River,...

NOTHRIPS project


Development of a contaminating trap for insect pests
Every year around the world, damage worth around one billion CHF is caused...

PA Characées TI project

PA characeae TI

Action plan for characeae in the canton of Ticino
Within the 2020-2024 program agreements between the federal government and the...

PV-Plants project


Research into optimal set-ups to reconcile photovoltaic production and biodiversity on roofs
Photovoltaic (PV) roofs are...

Projet AMO-Herbacées-SM3A


Assistance to the project management for the creation of seed mixes and heliophyte nurseries
As part of its restoration...

Project Arve - guiding vision

Arve - guiding vision

Restoration of the Arve River in the communes of Sallanches and Passy - Creation of a guiding vision
Originally, the Arve...