inSTI Institute

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DISBA project


Interferometric Detection of Bacterial Survival to Antibiotics
New medical device for bacterial life detection, parallelizable,...

Glia3D project


«Mini-brains» for the study of neurological diseases
Development of a method for the in vitro culture of mouse brain cells as...

in vitro TBI project

in vitro TBI

Development of a novel Traumatic Brain Injury in vitro model
Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) caused by vehicle and sports...

PV-Plants project


Research into optimal set-ups to reconcile photovoltaic production and biodiversity on roofs
Photovoltaic (PV) roofs are...

TEEROC project


Development of an in vitro Bio-Impedance Measurement Device applied on a dynamic Lung-On-Chip model   
TEEROC (for TEER-On-Chip)...

EARSENS project


The Electroacoustic room sensor for safety (EARSENS) project aims to develop a new technology for monitoring parameters related...

Prototype ventilateur GEVE HEPIA

Emergency ventilator to fight COVID-19

Emergency ventilator to fight COVID-19
How did HEPIA respond to a HUG request to produce respirators in record time? By pooling...

Overview of the system prototype


Portable male fertility analysis tool based on the measurement of concentration and mobility of sperm
The objective of this...

RoboShoulder project


Development of a robotic/biomechanical platform for joint evaluation
The first application of this pilot study relates to the...

Design of a neuromorphic board


Real time Machining process control and machine learning in an IoT industrial system
New possibilities offered by high-speed...