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Research activities

The Institute has three strategic policies which constitute the common thread of all of the applied research and development (aR&D) activities and services to the community.

The strategic policies:

  • Sustainable energy & Smart Grid
  • Urban Computing & Smart City
  • Medical information

All of these areas of action are run by qualification groups.

Areas of expertise

The qualification groups are operational entities which enable the implementation of strategic policies.

Each qualification group brings together researchers, technical personnel and well-equipped laboratories.

The Institute is built around three overall key themes, to which are added the more specific skills of the researchers:

  • Low-consumption embedded wireless systems
  • Reconfigurable hardware architectures adapted for high-performance systems.
  • Networks
  • Parallel/distributed architectures
  • Trust, security, digital identities
  • 3D representation, augmented and virtual reality

These skills serve several application domains such as medicine, the environment, assistance to the disabled and multimedia. Also, one of the objectives of the inIT Institute is to develop strong collaboration with the green curricula of HEPIA.

Towards the qualification groups of the inIT Institute