Tissue Engineering

MENU Tissue Engineering
Coat&Check project


Development of a compact platform for the characterisation and optimisation of micro-electrodes by impedance spectrometry and electrochemical deposition of porous materials

Glia3D project


«Mini-brains» for the study of neurological diseases Development of a method for the in vitro culture of mouse brain cells as well as human cells for the study of neurological diseases in collaboration with the startup GliaPharm SA.

in vitro TBI project

in vitro TBI

Development of a novel Traumatic Brain Injury in vitro model

TEEROC project


Development of an in vitro Bio-Impedance Measurement Device applied on a dynamic Lung-On-Chip model   

Overview of the system prototype


Portable male fertility analysis tool based on the measurement of concentration and mobility of sperm

View of in vitro microelectrode

Development of Intracortical Probes (Geneva Electrode Array)

First steps towards novel 3-D glass-based intracortical microelectrode arrays intended for long-term implantation into Human

Visuel du projet Micro-Perf


In vitro perfusion used to change the medium of in vitro neuronal culture and to inject drug. This perfusion system will be compatible with the electrophysiological recording of neurons. It is composed of five parts : 

photo meazure


Development of a device for the continuous monitoring of nervous tissues as well as biological barriers: modelling of the neurovascular unit.

photo nanoreg2


NanoReg2 - a project of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Development and implementation of Grouping and Safe-by-Design approaches within regulatory frameworks.

Photo projet Wyss Center

Wyss Center Collaboration

The Wyss Center is an independent institution whose goal is to accelerate the development of neurotechnology.