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Connected trees SEGGA project

Connected trees SEGGA

Global Electronic Tree Management Solution

Trees are essential to the quality of life of city residents. In order to fulfill their mission, trees must be healthy and safe.

Etang du BIT


Multi-purpose urban water basins for better living comfort

Immeuble de la fondation


Management tool for the renovation of property assets

Projet eRen2


Synergies between energy renovation and densification.

photo sig solaire


Update to the solar land registry of the canton of Geneva with new LiDAR 2013 altimetry data, taking advantage of the resources of cloud computing developed at HEPIA.

photo fcramoz


Capacity development on mainstreaming flood disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into national and provincial plans and programmes in Mozambique.

photo h-ceva


aR&D mandate for full-scale tests of the glass elements of the stations of the CEVA project designed by architect Jean Nouvel and produced by the company Hevron SA.

Photo de d’un prototype de dalle active nervurée

Thermal study of a prototype of a ribbed active slab

The project consisted of assessing the heating and cooling potential of a ribbed active slab designed by the architecture firm BASSICARELLA with a view to its implementation in the project for a new SUPSI building in Ticino.


Development of a 100% electric high capacity bus flash charging system.

Photo microclimatmètre


The microclimatemeter is a lightweight, compact backpack that can be worn easily during journeys to examine the effects of climate change carried out at the speed and level of the pedestrian anywhere in the city.