Techniques & Landscapes

MENU Techniques & Landscapes

Areas of expertise

  • Development of the concept of areas of vegetation (walls and green roofs, car park slabs)

  • Strategies for reuse of materials from demolition and deconstruction (recycling, site materials) for environmentally-friendly management of construction sites

  • Development of proposals intended to save resources and promote environmentally-friendly construction modes (dry stone walls, recycling of materials from excavation, local resources, respectful integration into the landscape, mountainous landscape).

  • Design of soils favourable to plant growth in built areas (permeability, coatings, earth-stone, fertility).

  • Management of meteoric water, notably by surface coatings that allow infiltration and surface networking systems

  • Experiments and measurements of the ability of surface coatings to respond to the combined requirements of different players in urban areas.

  • Design of developments favourable to persons of reduced mobility in adapted exteriors. Public areas accessible to everyone (surface coatings, elimination of architectural barriers to persons of reduced mobility)

  • Management and development of the association Plante & Cité Suisse for the promotion and sharing of knowledge concerning urban greening

  • Documentary monitoring of the implementation of external development work, video, time-lapse