Reinterpreting Persian Traditional Music for Classical Guitar: A New Vocabulary for Performer-Composers

« Femme jouant le kamanche dans une peinture du Palace Hasht Behesht, Isfahan, 1669 ».


Dusan Bogdanovic

Partners & Team

Amir ESLAMI, Theory & Composition Department, University of Arts, Teheran

Xavier BOUVIER, HEM - Genève

Golfam KHAYAM, HEM - Genève

Date de début: 2014

Résumé du projet

With the appearance of world music in the contemporary repertoire, there have been many attempts in integration and synthesis of traditional musical elements into contemporary music. The synthesis of contrasting musical and cultural worlds is a subject to be explored.

However, there has been not much research done regarding integration of Persian music into contemporary framework including technical and musical adaptations such as ornamentations, drones, modes, etc. Nevertheless, Persian Music is extremely rich and diverse: in this musical tradition, unlike classical music, the performer is the composer and these two functions are interchangeable.

Hence the author’s attempt to represent the concept of performer-composer with a classical guitar as the focus of the current research in order to express Persian music in a contemporary and personal musical language.

In conclusion, the perspective of this research is to develop a new vocabulary based on the Persian instrumental performance practice; ultimately to be applied by classical guitarists and also presented to a wider audience wishing to experience the overlaps between the two musical worlds.