Multiple Modernities Concept : for Composer/Performers

Vassily Kandinsky, Composition, 1944.


Dusan Bogdanovic

Partners & Team

Xavier BOUVIER, HEM - Genève

Date de début: 2015

Lien(s) associé(s)

1st Multimod Performer-Composer Festival 2016

Résumé du projet

The intention of this research project is to put together different contemporary musical composition practices under the same theoretical and practical umbrella, while using as its basis the “Multiple Modernities” theory. According to this theory, instead of the concept of a monolithic and homogenous history of modernity, we are facing a “continual constitution and reconstitution of a multiplicity of cultural programs” (Eisenstadt, 2000). In this view, we have to employ a larger, international and multifaceted overview of modernity if we want to grasp the actual state of the contemporary culture.

Using this as a starting point, this research project will explore musical works primarily created for guitar as well as chamber/orchestral ensembles that include the instrument, based on a variety of aesthetic/cultural sources, focusing on relevant works by contemporary composers or composers/performers, including the work of the main applicant, who has already approached this subject on a smaller scale in his book “Ex Ovo” (published by Editions Doberman, 2006) with focus on motivic transformational processes in composition and improvisation, an indispensable tool for analysis and synthesis in a transcultural context.

There are two goals of this project: 1) a publication of the projects findings in a form of a book, 2) 3 days composer/performer’s festival between the 3rd and the 6th of November including presentations and performances, gathering together some of the composer/guitarist of the highest quality and international renown at the HEM in Geneva. This will be a crucial and important event in the context of the Masters Composer/Performer program at the Geneva HEM.