Tradition and Synthesis - Multiple Modernities

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Dusan Bogdanovic

Dusan Bogdanovic et Xavier Bouvier, Tradition and Synthesis. Multiple Modernities for Composer-Performers, Québec, Editions Doberman-Yppan, 2018.

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Multiple Modernities Performer-Composer Festival


« Tradition and Synthesis » is a ground-breaking work which focuses on the creative act of synthesis or fusion in composition, improvisation, and performance: jazz guitarist/composer Bruce Arnold explains his approach to improvising classical masterpieces (Monteverdi, Messiaen, and Webern, among others); composer-performer Dusan Bogdanovic musically deconstructs the pioneering work of the composer Maurice Ohana; theorist-composer Xavier Bouvier, who has just returned from a six-month sabbatical in China, describes his approach to negotiating intercultural exchange and dialogue; an independent scholar/author and lecturer, Ellen Dissanayake illuminates the human biological predisposition to being musical; Catalan composer-guitarist Feliu Gasull, shares his insights and experiences regarding fusing flamenco in contemporary idiom in an interview; the Iranian composer-guitarist Golfam Khayam focuses on compositional synthesis based on traditional Persian idiom; an interdisciplinary artist and “avatar of experimental music”, David Rosenboom, exposes his ideas of the artscience school of thought; composer/author and educator Michael Tenzer talks about fusing traditional Balinese gamelan with South Indian and Western music.